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Bad Tourist, Hawaii Edition

Here’s another installment in my study of how thoughtless people can be when they travel, this one collected on a long trip to and from Hawaii:

5. A young man at the gate in O’Hare carried on a long, mushy cell phone conversation while simultaneously listening to a music video on his laptop — without headphones.

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Southwest Apologizes After Removing Toddler From Plane

Southwest Airlines has apologized to a California woman who was booted from a plane with her screaming 2-year-old, the San Jose Mercury News reports. But Southwest did not apologize for tossing them — just for the inconvenience it caused. The flight attendants had to remove the mother and toddler because other passengers couldn’t hear the flight safety instructions, an airline spokeswoman said.

The Week In Unruly Passengers

Sunday: A passenger who looked sick on an Air India flight from Dubai to Mangalore became violent when the crew approached him, The Times of India reported. He apologized for his behavior but within half an hour was running amok and was restrained by other passengers. As the plane was landing, he broke free and was restrained again. Re-restrained, I guess.

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Unruly Crew Brawls At 30,000 Feet

As if unruly passengers weren’t enough, now we have a tale of unruly crew. The pilots and flight attendants on an Air India flight from the United Arab Emirates to Delhi got into a scuffle in the galley, AFP reports, and at one point there reportedly was nobody in the cockpit. That would mean, nobody flying the plane. You have to hate it when that happens.