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Reflections On The Drivers Of The Northeast

I drove 200 miles to the Adirondacks, and 200 miles back. And, boy, is my middle finger tired.

No, not really. I am not the type to flip off other drivers. I’m the type to think exceedingly unkind thoughts about other drivers. Also, I am the type to stereotype them based on their states of origin.

In fact, during my 10 hours of driving I came up with a set of messages for my fellow Northeastern motorists, customized by state:

to Vermont drivers: Hurry up!

to New York drivers: Slow down!

to New Jersey drivers: Back off!

to Massachusetts drivers: *&^# off!

Welcome To New York & Sorry About The Police Chase

I just can’t decide which is my favorite headline regarding the French tourists who got lured into an unlicensed van at JFK and ended up in wild ride as the driver tried to elude a police chase.

New York Daily News: French tourists get ride of their lives from renegade livery driver


WPIX-TV: Illegal Airport Van Take French Tourists on Hell Ride

A Visitors’ Guide To Driving In Southern California

A guest entry from the kid, Kate Symmonds:

freeway-800-042609If you’re thinking about taking a trip to Southern California, you’ll need to rent a car.  And you’ll need some survival tips.

After three years in Montreal, I figured that moving to San Diego would make me a happier, more relaxed person.  And I really have almost forgotten what it feels like to step outside in negative 40-degree weather and have tears of pain freeze to my face. I’ve noticed, however, that I can’t get into my car without tensing up. This is because my personal hell is driving on the freeways of Southern California. And I do it every day.

So if you’re coming to Southern California (which I would vaguely define as anywhere between and including San Diego and Santa Barbara counties), I have some advice.

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