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No Pot at DIA, Buzz Detected

Marijuana has been decriminalized in Colorado as of today, but you can’t carry it at Denver International Airport, according to the Denver Post.

Even if you’re just dropping someone off and you aren’t going through security. And even if you have a medical marijuana prescription.

The Post also reports that it’s illegal to consume pot on public transportation but that state law “is not entirely clear about whether passengers in limousines, tour vans or tour buses can smoke marijuana.”

As these details are ironed out, the state is preparing for the growth of marijuana tourism. “We’ve had a lot of interest, a lot of curiosity, a lot of buzz,” a travel agent told the Post.


This Travel Blog Has It

A struggling former mill town in my vicinity recently adopted the slogan “It’s Happening Here,” a statement that is open to a dangerously wide range of interpretations. What is happening here? Muggings would be bad. Impromptu free concerts at the town gazebo by the Rolling Stones would be very good.

Despite the fact that I’m sort of a propagandist by trade, I’ve never understood these municipal marketing and tourism slogans, the kind dreamed up by a consultant, approved by the city council and emblazoned on tourism websites and economic development brochures. Never once in my vacationing history have I visited a place because of its slogan. It has never been even a contributing factor.

For example, I visited San Antonio not for its slogan, which is “Deep. In the Heart,” but for Riverwalk. And mariachi. I love mariachi. I get the “deep in the heart of Texas” reference but I’m still not sure what that slogan means. The way it’s punctuated makes me think it’s an excerpt from a particularly terse autopsy report.

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California Yurt Alert

Poppy Yurt

My daughter and I were looking for a relaxing, waterfront retreat for a few days when I’m out visiting her in Santa Barbara, CA. Look what we found.

We just reserved a yurt at Cachuma Lake Recreation Area, a park owned by the County of Santa Barbara. The cost is $60 a night, plus a $20 non-refundable reservation fee.

I don’t think this qualifies as “glamping” (is that an annoying word, or what?) because the bathrooms are a bit of a walk and the accommodations are pretty basic. But you have to love the view. I grew up on tent camping vacations and it looks comfortable enough to me.

I’ll let you know how it works out.

Barcelona Highlights

Five great memories from a quick visit to Barcelona:

5. Tapas and cava sangria at Ramplax in the Eixample district.

4.   Churros and hot chocolate (for dipping, not necessarily drinking) at Granja La Pallaresa in the Barri Gotic.

3. A leisurely dinner at Semproniana, where we were the only tourists.

2. The view of the city from the tower tour of La Sagrada Familia.

1. Exchanging a rose (for me) and a book (for my husband) to mark the Diada de  Sant Jordi.

Five New ‘Best’ Small Towns

I’m a bit leery of “Top 10” and “best” lists for travel. The methodology is usually dodgy and it’s hard to understand how the top 10 beaches or small towns or hotels could change so radically from year to year. And yet, while I don’t take them for gospel, I do often find these lists interesting. Sometimes they turn up a place I’d like to visit. USA Today’s  Five Best Small Towns in America is a case in point.