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In Search of Consistency at the TSA Checkpoint

My unfashionable defense of the Transportation Security Administration has been, while not exactly ardent, at least steadfast and long-standing, grounded in the simple fact that passing through security at my home airport was worse before the TSA showed up.

It was impossible back then to know what the hostile minimum-wage rent-a-cops at Bradley International (sic) Airport expected passengers to do as they approached the conveyor belt. All we could be sure of is that they would shout their seemingly arbitrary commands with derision and sarcasm. I didn’t hate them, even then. Their underpaid misery seemed greater than any misery they could inflict on the traveling public in those random and brief displays of despotic authority. But I don’t miss them, either.

At least with the TSA, I know what to expect. Or at least I thought I did. Lately I’m becoming confused.
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Suspicious Minds And Handcuffs

It seems that over the weekend fighter jets were summoned to escort commercial jets because passengers aroused suspicions by using the bathrooms a lot.  After a Frontier Airlines flight from Denver to Detroit, three passengers were taken off the plane in handcuffs, questioned and released without charges.

I’m going have a T-shirt made that says: “I’m not a terrorist. I just drink too much coffee.”

Wise Words On Travel, Security And Terrorism

My renewed focus on this blog is on bargains for leisure travelers, but I’m going to reach out of that territory a little and recommend two recent columns by business travel writer Joe Brancatelli. His refreshing common-sense conclusion is that we can’t achieve total safety in the air or in hotels. The world can be dangerous, and we need to deal with that.