If Transatlantic Means Ryanair, No Thanks

All of us who fly out of Bradley would like to have transatlantic flights again but how desperate are we? Ryanair desperate? Let’s hope not.

WVIT, Channel 30, reports that the Connecticut Airport Authority, which recently took over operation of the airport, is courting Ryanair. The CEO of Ryanair, the bombastic Michael O’Leary, has been saying that he would like to start flying to the United States. He’s also said he wants to install pay toilets on his planes. It’s hard to know when he’s serious.

But it’s not hard to know what kind of airline Ryanair is. It’s the kind of airline that charges 70 euros (that’s $91 at current exchange rates) to print a boarding pass should a passenger be unable to produce one. Yes, that’s $91 to print a piece of paper. The Ryanair table of fees is staggering in its complexity and rapacity. It’s a blueprint for kleptomania, aimed not at recovering costs but at fleecing the unwary, unlucky and unprepared in the most outrageous way.

This is not a “discount airline,” as WVIT describes it. It’s a travesty. It makes Spirit Airlines look like Emirates.

Sure, I miss the days when Northwest had a direct flight from Bradley to Amsterdam. I wish that Bradley had international flights other than a few puddle jumpers to Canada. While we’re at it, I wish we had nonstop transcontinental flights and 767s with two whole aisles.

But Ryanair? I’d rather stay home.


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