Delta Fined For Bumping Violations

Bumping violation sounds kind of nasty, doesn’t it, like something kids get thrown out of the prom for. But no, it’s what airlines do when they oversell their flights and then fail to follow the rules for the passengers who don’t fit on the plane.

And there are rules, as the Department of Transportation reminded Delta Air Lines on Wednesday with a $750,000 fine. Quoth the DOT:

In March 2012, the Department’s Aviation Enforcement Office found that, in a number of instances, Delta failed to seek volunteers before bumping passengers involuntarily, or bumped passengers involuntarily without providing them a written notice describing their rights or informing them that they had a right to cash compensation. In addition, Delta classified some passengers who were bumped involuntarily as having volunteered to give up their seats, which both violated the passengers’ rights to compensation and resulted in inaccurate bumping reports filed with DOT. Delta also violated its published customer commitment, which included a pledge to obey DOT’s bumping regulations.

Actually, that is pretty nasty. More details in the DOT news release.


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