Flights Get Too Close for Comfort at Bradley

Air traffic control at Bradley International cleared a commuter jet to land in the path of a departing flight last Friday, prompting someone in the control tower to drop a very audible f-bomb on the recently released audio.

I’ve had days like that.

The ExpressJet Embraer ERJ-135 (Flight 3822 out of Newark) was landing around 8 a.m. on May 17 as the US Airways Airbus A320 (Flight 1509 headed to Charlotte) took off on an intersecting runway. This is called a near miss, but it may not have been all that near. It appears the US Airways flight was already in the air as the ExpressJet flight landed, and it sounds as if air traffic controllers diverted the arriving jet to a taxiway before it reached the intersection with the other runway.

Still, it’s the kind of thing that gets the FAA up in your grill.

WVIT Channel 30 has a report and has posted a lengthier excerpt of the audio on YouTube with the profanity transcribed and un-bleeped. I’m not judging. I say the same thing when I drop something on my foot.


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