Eureka! I Have Found the Cell Phone Lot at Bradley

If there is one burning  question that my readers ask to test my vaunted travel expertise it is this: Where the hell is the cell phone lot at Bradley?

So last time I was at BDL I tried to follow the totally inadequate signs that purportedly lead to the cell phone lot and couldn’t find it, so I drove around randomly until I happened upon it. Then I recorded the location on my GPS and determined that the cellphone lot is precisely here, at (A):

It sits between Light Lane and Route 75. There’s no entrance from Route 75, so you have to go in from Light Lane.

The GPS coordinates are: N41.928333 W072.671015. Here’s a bigger Google map.

I hope that people will use this lot instead of parking in the pick-up spots in front of the terminal and waiting an hour or two, therefore blocking the spots for others whose passengers have actually arrived. It’s thoughtless and illegal but I noticed people getting away with it because the police no longer seem to shoo them away.


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