Bradley Cell Phone Lot: Take Two

I am remiss in not having mentioned that Bradley International (sic) Airport is taking another stab at a cell phone lot (or cellphone, as the Associated Press so dubiously mandates). Well, OK, I should admit that I’ve been remiss in blogging of all types, for which I hope you’ll forgive me.

Anyway, this cell phone or cellphone (an argument can also be made for cell-phone) lot opened late in September. It provides somewhere free to park until whoever we’re picking up at the airport calls to say they have retrieved their luggage and are standing out on the curb by the arrivals area, quickly freezing to death in the shorts, tank top and flip-flops they so brazenly wore on the trip back from the Caribbean. It is then our choice to zoom over immediately with the parkas we so kindly brought with us or to leave them for a few more minutes while we finish our coffee, giving them time to contemplate their folly and develop a slight but instructive case of hypothermia.

Before this cell phone / cellphone lot was established, one’s choices in these situations were less than optimal. One might pay to park in the short-term garage, then wait in the severely ambiance-challenged baggage claim area to meet, greet and haul luggage. One might circle the airport repeatedly, waiting to spot the arriving subject and spending more on gas than the garage would cost. One might try to park and wait along the curb until a bored and resentful state trooper yelled at one to get one’s car out of the way. One might go park at a restaurant or hotel down the road until similarly rousted. Or one might arrive so egregiously late that one could be fairly well assured (unless one’s subject arrivals were flying United) that the subject arrivals would be waiting, well-chilled and increasingly bitter, vowing to avenge themselves upon you.

Now all of those options will be moot  if people can find and will actually use the cell phone / cellphone lot. This seemed to be the problem with the short-lived previous effort to provide one. I used it a couple of times and never saw another vehicle in it. I suspect that very few people actually knew about it.

This time the state says it has signs directing people to the new lot, described in a press release as “conveniently located on Light Lane, which runs parallel to Route 75 (Ella T. Grasso Turnpike), near the intersection of Route 75 and Schoephoester Road,” adding “This secure, lighted location is a short 2 to 3 minute drive to the BDL arrivals area.”

This description is not particularly precise but leads me to believe the lot is somewhere between long-term lots 4 and 5, possibly near the taxi waiting lot. I’ll check it out next time I’m up there and if the promised signs lead me to it, I’ll post a map.


2 thoughts on “Bradley Cell Phone Lot: Take Two

  1. J

    I actually found it! Well, I saw a sign for it as I approached the airport from Granby, looked, didn’t see the lot, waited in the bowling lanes parking lot, then actually saw the dirt turnoff as I headed back after receiving the phone call.

  2. Sarah

    I’m glad I saw this before heading up to the airport to pick up a friend this weekend. I’d used the previous cellphone lot too, and would have tried to this time! The new lot was VERY hard to find in the dark (my friend’s flight came in around 11:45pm) — I only saw one sign that said something along the lines of “cellphone lot, turn left in 1/4 mile” but then no sign (at least not that I saw) at the actual turn, so I missed it, turned onto 75, and realized I’d gone too far. Then I could see the lot, but it took me a while to find the way into it. Maybe it would have been easier if it weren’t the middle of the night? Anyway, now that I know where it is, I’ll definitely be using it again!


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