Travel Gear Comes In Handy At Home

There will be coffee.

I was struck, as I was preparing for the arrival of Hurricane Irene. by how useful some of my travel gear (especially the camping gear) turns out to be in the face of a potential natural disaster at home.

Said gear includes:

– The battery-powered travel alarm clock, because I still need to get up and check the roof for leaks (don’t ask) if the power goes out.

– The rubber sink stopper from my travel laundry kit, which helps keep the tub full of water. (We’re on well water here. So if there’s no power, there’s no well pump and therefore no water.)

– The travel flashlight — best size for the bedside.

– The propane camp stove.┬áBecause I don’t get up if there’s no coffee. (But windows must be open for ventilation.)

– The candle lantern, for when the batteries run out.

– The suitcase. Packed for a quick departure, should that become necessary.

– The rechargeable DVD player, for a little entertainment if power failures drag on — as they tend to do around here.


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