Do Good, Save Money With BiddingForGood

Hotel Andaluz, Albuquerque My husband, already a master of Priceline bidding, has come up with another place to find travel bargains.

The website BiddingForGood hosts online auctions for nonprofit organizations. Among the items auctioned off by schools, civic organizations and other nonprofits around the country are hotel rooms and restaurant certificates.

Don’s most recent winning bid was for two nights at the Hotel Andaluz in Albuquerque (its lovely lobby is pictured here) for $75 a night. That was about half the lowest rack rate.

Want to try this site to save money and do good at the same time? A few tips:

Search wisely. If you’re planning a trip to a particular destination, you can search, for example, on “hotel Miami.” But if you’re open about where you might go, try browsing the site’s travel section.

Plan well ahead. You have to leave enough time for the auction to close and your winning gift coupons to be mailed, probably by volunteers who are not in a rush.

Prepare to lose. Local supporters of the auction sponsor may bid the item above its value, something you may not want to do unless it’s for a cause you particularly support.

Read the fine print. Many offers have restrictions of one kind or another. Make sure the deal is one you can use.



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