Beware of Orlando’s Rip-Off Gas Stations

The Orlando Sentinel reports that two gas stations near Orlando International Airport have refused to comply with a local ordinance requiring them to post gas prices that are visible to passing drivers. The story says:

Even though it’s been a year since Orlando passed a law to force the two notoriously high gas stations closest to the airport to post their prices, there’s still no way for potential customers to know the cost of a gallon of gas without pulling up to the pump.

The price the stations were charging on Friday: $5.79 a gallon, in an area where the lowest prices are now around $3.50. Of course, travelers returning to the airport with rental cars need are the ones getting ripped off.

The stations face fines of $250 a day for non-compliance with the sign ordinance. But since they’re charging more than $2 a gallon above the going rate, it’s probably a whole lot more lucrative to continue violating the ordinance. The city says it could shut down the stations by putting liens on them and foreclosing, but it’s not clear how likely or how speedy a resolution that might be.

Here’s hoping there’s punishment in Hell or the next life for the people who abuse travelers like this, but meanwhile let’s keep calling them out and warning each other on the Internet.


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