Check Your Hotel Bill For Overcharges

I was looking yesterday at one of my credit card accounts online and I noticed a $24 charge from a nice boutique hotel in New York where I stayed recently on business.

My employer paid for the room, but as usual I had to hand over my own credit card at check-in for incidentals. Trouble is, there were no incidentals.

When I called to ask about the charge, the desk clerk told me it was for dry cleaning and put me through to the hotel accounting office, at which point I solemnly swore that I had ordered no dry cleaning. (Have a look at my wardrobe. It’s true.) The accounting representative said it might have been a mistake with the room number, and the hotel refunded the charge.

Maybe it was a mistake. And maybe it was a mistake when my husband was charged for parking at a hotel where he had arrived by taxi.  One hears so many similar stories that one must conclude the hotel industry has become rather mistake-prone of late.

The lesson here: check your hotel bill for overcharges, both accidental and otherwise.


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