Reflections On The Drivers Of The Northeast

I drove 200 miles to the Adirondacks, and 200 miles back. And, boy, is my middle finger tired.

No, not really. I am not the type to flip off other drivers. I’m the type to think exceedingly unkind thoughts about other drivers. Also, I am the type to stereotype them based on their states of origin.

In fact, during my 10 hours of driving I came up with a set of messages for my fellow Northeastern motorists, customized by state:

to Vermont drivers: Hurry up!

to New York drivers: Slow down!

to New Jersey drivers: Back off!

to Massachusetts drivers: *&^# off!


3 thoughts on “Reflections On The Drivers Of The Northeast

  1. Tom

    Here in northern Florida, they have a different way of communicating: a blast of the car horn after you’ve dawdled, oh, an extra 0.00001 seconds after the light has turned green.


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