Spirit Airlines Wants You Back

Spirit Airlines has resumed flying after a strike by pilots and is promoting “strikingly low fares” to win back the customers it abandoned six days ago. 

Oh, ha-ha. Get it? Strikingly? That light-hearted banter must warm the hearts of the passengers whose vacations were ruined and those who were stranded far from their homes and jobs, forced to buy excruciatingly expensive walk-up fares because Spirit made absolutely no provisions to meet its obligations to them.

To make it all right, Spirit CEO Ben Baldanza has issued a bland apology and promised to win back customers’ trust with lovely gifts and prizes. Spirit is offering a $50 coupon with a flood of fine-print restrictions and 5,000 extra frequent flier miles for new bookings.

I’m sorry folks, but if that woos you back to Spirit, you’re no smarter than the abused spouse who caves to a bouquet of roses and a little whimpering. Put some ice on that black eye, renew the restraining order and don’t fly Spirit Airlines.


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