Diverted, But Not Amused

Some of the passengers of AA 1233

I would like to thank American Airlines for the cot at Logan and the promise of a bus in the morning, and I mean that sincerely. But I do have a few constructive suggestions for dealing with passengers when a flight is diverted for weather.

First and foremost, how about some information? Having the flight crew announce that there will be a bus to Bradley at some unspecified time and that the ticket counter will open at 3:30 a.m. doesn’t really give us many options. If we get a hotel room for the rest of the night, will we miss the bus?

Speaking of the flight crew, how did they vanish so quickly? Is there some reason there was no agent or ground crew available at 1:15 a.m. ┬áto offer any guidance at all? For the sake of 150 passengers, couldn’t someone be called in?

Also, consider that when a shuttle driver is opportunistically soliciting your passengers for a $50 ride to Hartford, it raises the question of why you couldn’t react as quickly. It chills the heart to think that profit might be a stronger motivation than a sincere regard for your passengers.

I’d like to thank Logan for the free Wi-Fi, but I have a suggestion for the airport, too. When you have a terminal littered with exhausted, stranded passengers couldn’t you can the repetitive promotional announcements for the night?

We passengers are reasonable people. Most of us understand that diverting the flight was the right thing to do. We just want you to tell us what the plan is.


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