LimoLiner Zips Past Hartford

I recently got an email from LimoLiner, offering a discount coupon on its luxury bus service. Too bad I can’t use it.

I really liked the LimoLiner when I rode it from Hartford to Boston last August, so I was eager to find a use for the coupon. But when I went on the LimoLiner Web site I discovered that the company ended its Hartford service last November.

It’s not like I’m going to travel to New York so I can get on the LimoLiner and ride to Boston.

This demonstrates two things. First, I’m not the sharpest blogger on the planet if I missed the news that LimoLiner had dropped Hartford from its New York – Boston runs. Second, the central Connecticut area can’t seem to support much public transit. First Megabus dumped us and now LimoLiner.

Maybe we should change Hartford’s billboard slogan from “New England’s Rising Star” to “Not Worth Getting Off The Exit.”


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