Delta Caves On Bag Fee, A Little

Delta Air Lines has announced that it will waive its $25 fee for the first checked bag for customers who hold certain Delta-affiliated American Express cards, the Associated Press reports.

The waiver, already in effect for elite members of Delta’s frequent flier program, will be extended June 1 to holders of the American Express gold, platinum and reserve SkyMiles cards. It will apply to up to nine people on the same reservation.

 I had the gold card for years, but ditched it because I was sick of the annual fee and the declining value of the miles it earned. The bag fee waiver would be an incentive to re-enlist if it didn’t feel like extortion. I hate extortion.

It will be interesting to see what the other carriers do in response. Meanwhile, remember that Southwest Airlines will take two checked bags at no extra charge, and JetBlue will take one.


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