Spirit Introduces Non-Reclining Seats

Could Spirit Airlines have accidentally done something right? For the wrong reasons, of course.

Spirit has introduced new aircraft with seats that don’t recline, a cost-saving measure because the seats are lighter and easier to maintain. (Remember, this is the airline that brought us $45 fees for carry-on bags.)

Surprisingly enough, I like the idea. I think reclining airline seats cause more trouble than they’re worth. My very first blog post┬áthree years ago was a rant on this subject, which I called “the recline of civilization.” And I haven’t changed my mind.

I’m still not going to fly Spirit. I just hope, for once, that its idea catches on.


One thought on “Spirit Introduces Non-Reclining Seats

  1. Natalie

    Wow…the first positive thing I have ever heard about Spirit. But, like you said, done for strictly monetary purposes, not for comfort purposes. Either way, I hate reclining seats and I wish more airlines arould follow.


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