Travelzoo Stockpiles Travel Deals

When you confront the question of where to travel for an outrageously cheap vacation, Travelzoo may have the answer.

Travelzoo specializes in travel deals the way Overstock specializes in remaindered merchandise. Every day the site adds new bargains: reduced hotel rates, last-minute cruises, airfare sales and discounted vacation packages.

Every Wednesday, Travelzoo releases its Top 20 list on the site and in a newsletter. Recently it included a $699 package trip to Moscow, a $105 rate at The Omni Los Angeles and a seven-day Caribbean cruise for $464.

A caveat: like most travel sites, Travelzoo generally doesn’t include taxes and fees in the rates it promotes. And those may be substantial. Also, many rates are per person, based on double occupancy, so a single traveler will pay substantially more.

Travelzoo is a commercial site and its listings are advertisements — hotels, tour operators and airlines pay to be included. Nevertheless, the listings tend to represent good values, and Travelzoo says it rejects offers that don’t.

The listings are mostly for well-traveled destinations: Las Vegas, Hawaii and Orlando figure prominently, along with the Caribbean and European hot spots. A recent search of the site for Nepal turned up nothing, but a search on Paris turned up 32 listings.

Travelzoo is a great first stop if you’re trying to figure out where to go on the cheap. Even if you don’t book one of its deals, the distribution of the offers will tell you where demand is weak and discounts are strong.

It’s also a good site to check out whenever you are going to a popular tourist area. I wouldn’t dream of booking a hotel in Hawaii without having a quick look through its Hawaii deals, for example.

There are other sites that aggregate good travel deals, and are well worth checking out. Budget Travel’s Real Deals┬ásection often has very good offers. And the Frommer’s site lists bargains in its Deals & News section as well as in Arthur Frommer’s excellent and opinionated blog.


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