Airfarewatchdog: An Essential Site For Budget Travel

I’m preparing a presentation on the five best Web sites for budget travel, and it’s not easy to choose them. I use dozens of  sites to search for bargains, and they all have their good points.

But there’s no way that I could leave off the list. At its core is a powerful database of the lowest fares from airports around the United States and Canada to destinations both domestic and foreign. Just go to the home page and type in your airport’s city or code and you’ll get a list of bargain fares.

If you don’t want to bother going to the site every day, you can sign up for an email alert and get the list sent to you daily or weekly.

If you have a particular destination in mind, foreign or domestic, you can check for low fares to that destination — either by searching on the site or by signing up for an alert. This is handy if you’re willing to fly from more than one airport or if you’re arranging a trip for several people leaving from different locations.

That’s about as complicated as it gets. Like Google, understands that simplicity is key.

There is, however, another extremely valuable feature on the site. The Airfarewatchblog is one of the most helpful blogs out there for the travel consumer.


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