Hotel Rates Ready To Rise?

Nobody is  sure what the economy will do next, but the talk of recovery, however slow, seems to have the hotel industry feeling fairly encouraged.

At least some analysts believe that “the decline in U.S. hotel demand will be over in the second quarter of 2010,” according to Travel Daily News.

This seems consistent with a trend I’ve noticed in hotel discounts lately. Several chains have been offering pretty good sales, 15 to 25 percent off, through June or so. The idea would seem to be that if they can fill their rooms through the first half of the year, even at a discount, they’ll have made it through the worst of the recession.

The industry has suffered and is itching to raise rates, which hotel managers will do as soon as they possibly can. I don’t know when that will be, but I do know that if I have a trip planned, I’m making reservations as soon as possible.


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