Starwood Hotels Sale Ends March 31

Starwood hotels is offering a sale of up to 25 percent off at almost all its hotels and resorts worldwide for stays through May 31, 2010, but the discount is considerably less in some cases.

At the Centre Sheraton in Montreal, this offer will get you a room for $119 CAD ($117 US) plus tax, compared to its lowest prepaid rate of $140, a discount of 15 percent. At some resorts, however, the prepaid rate and the sale rate are very close or exactly the same. And since the sale rate is also prepaid, there’s little or no advantage to it.

These rates are available only to guests who arrive on Thursday, Friday or Saturday at hotels and any day of the week at resorts. The maximum stay at these rates is seven days.

This is the kind of sale that seems to be coming up a lot lately, with limited discounts and limited buying periods for rates extending several months out. The hotel industry seems to see an improvement in bookings coming, and I think we’ll see attempts to reestablish some rate discipline before the end of the year.


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