Milwaukee From $168, Round Trip

Got any peeps in Milwaukee? If you have any interest in visiting the city, now might be a good time to book.

If you’re flexible about travel dates, there are round-trip fares from Bradley as low as $128, coming out to $168 with taxes and fees, from Delta, Midwest and American.┬áMany other cities around the Northeast have similar fares.

This little fare skirmish may be related to the fact that Southwest recently began service to Milwaukee. And if you plan on checking a bag on your trip, you might be better off on Southwest. Its fares, as low as $219 from Bradley with all taxes and fees included, allows you to check two bags free.

The fares are not available every day. In fact, they seem kind of wildly scattered, so you’ll want to do a flexible search on Kayak or another metasearch site. They do seem┬áto be available, though, well into the rest of the year.


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