Cheap One-Way Car Rentals From Florida

Tom Parsons of Best Fares recently published a great idea for a spring vacation: take a one-way flight to Florida, rent a car for as low as $10 a day (plus  taxes and fees) from Alamo and drive it back home.

Alamo isn’t the only company offering low one-way rates for its seasonal fleet migration out of Florida. But Parsons points out that it has by far the best terms.

You must pick up the car at a major Florida airport between April 5 and return it to an Alamo location outside the state of Florida but within the continental United States before May 31. You can keep the car for up to 21 days, which means you can drive it around Florida on your vacation. Alamo has more details here.

So let’s do the math. You could fly from Bradley to Fort Lauderdale on April 12 for $132 on Southwest and  rent an Impala from Alamo for $12 a day — that’s in the full-size category, but let’s splurge because I like Impalas. You keep the car for 11 days for a total of  $230, including all the taxes and fees. You spend a week in Florida and then take four days to drive up to Connecticut, where you drop the car off at Bradley International Airport.

Anybody who’s going to do this and wants another driver, let me know.


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