Ski Time: Low Fares To Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Fares to Jackson Hole from northeastern airports typically run over $600 during ski season, but there is a limited opportunity in March to get a round-trip fare of $329, taxes and fees included, from Bradley.

Alerted by Airfarewatchdog, I checked out the fares on Kayak and FareCompare, and here’s what I found:

Seats are available in limited quantities between March 9 and March 24. You have to leave Bradley on¬†Sunday through Wednesday and return Tuesday through Friday. Airfarewatchdog found fares as low as $286 on United and Delta, but I could find only fares as low as $329 on United — still a great deal if you’re looking to do some spring skiing.

If you are extremely flexible and willing to fly out of Newark, there are a very few days in March with round-trip fares available as low as $221 on Delta. You’ll need to use a flexible search to find them.

I am flying round-trip to San Diego in March for about $250, and it may seem odd that Jackson Hole, being a bit closer, is a particular bargain at $329. But airfares aren’t so straightforward as to be based on distance, and fares to smaller airports with more limited service (and less competition) tend to have higher fares.

That’s how it works: supply and demand.


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  1. Someone's evil twin

    Jackson Hole is really, really beautiful. Might need a bit of luck with Priceline to be able to afford lodgings!


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