American Airlines: Give Us $8 Or Freeze

Some days it’s hard to say which airline I hate most, but today I’m going with American Airlines.

American is going to start charging $8 for a blanket and pillow, as the Dallas Morning News reports. You get to keep the blanket and pillow. Woo-hoo. Because clearly the problem is not that airliners are cold and uncomfortable. It’s that we don’t own enough cheap bedding.

This descent into the realm of ultra-no-frills nickel and diming is not surprising, but it hits me where it hurts. I’m one of those people who is cold, all the time. My normal body temperature is 97.4 degrees, and I like warmth the way a lizard likes a hot rock in the sun.

Getting onto a cold airliner, especially one that has been sitting at a gate overnight in the winter, is a hypothermia-inducing experience. I hate to sit in the window seat because of how cold it can get in flight. I have never understood how people can wear shorts and flip-flops on planes.

But as God is my witness, I will turn blue before I will pay $8 for a paper-thin blanket and a tiny stuffed rectangle.

(The Marketplace radio program has more snark on this trend.)


2 thoughts on “American Airlines: Give Us $8 Or Freeze

  1. Kate

    Oh jeez! That is bad- who would pay that? I’d suggest that people bring on their own little blankets but with airlines charging more and more for checked baggage, there’s hardly any room for carry on luggage anymore.

    The people I sympathize with the most, however, are the flight attendants. They’re the ones who have to enforce this ridiculous policy, and they’ll be the ones who get all the complaints.


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