Hotels Reward Guests Who Do Without Housekeeping

Would you accept a $5 daily credit to do without housekeeping services during your next hotel stay?

Starwood Hotels reports that 8.5 percent of its guests choose to forego housekeeping in exchange for a $5 credit to hotel restaurants or 500 points in the loyalty program for each night, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Hotels are promoting this option as ecologically friendly because towels and linens don’t get washed and vacuum cleaners don’t get used. It’s also economically friendly — for the hotel — because housekeepers don’t get paid. The article cites an estimate that it costs a luxury hotel $22 a day to clean a  room.

So I’m not particularly inclined to take the bait on this one. I think I’d rather have the room cleaned and keep the housekeepers employed.

I also can’t help wondering how long it will be before this option becomes a perk and hotels start charging a cleaning fee.


One thought on “Hotels Reward Guests Who Do Without Housekeeping

  1. Someone's evil twin

    In some countries, especially those with water supply problems, some hotels, even good hotels, will only wash your towels if you drop them in the bathtub and won’t wash your sheets if you leave a card on your pillow saying they don’t have to. They do the rest of the housekeeping and you don’t get a credit – only a clean conscience!


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