Those Cheap Fares To Europe? Meh.

British Airways is advertising fares as low as $219 between New York and London. Exciting? Only slightly.

That’s a one-way fare, and here’s the fine print:  Government taxes and fees of approximately $165 plus a $2.50 September 11th Security fee are extra. 

That’s an additional $167.50 each way, so the bottom line is a round trip of $602, inclusive. You must purchase by Feb. 4 for travel completed by March 28.

It’s a pretty good fare,  about where transatlantic fares have been bottoming out for this time of year for the past couple of years. I’d take it. But I wouldn’t dance up and down the aisles about it. I’ve been to Europe twice in the past few years for a bit less than that.

So it’s good but it’s not extraordinary and it’s not exclusive to British Airways. Virgin Atlantic has similar deals, and so does Lufthansa.


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