Worldwide Hostel Ratings Released has released its list of the world’s best hostels, based on guest surveys.

The so-called HOSCARS (HOStelworld Customer Annual Ratings) are top-heavy with European hostels — five of the top 10 are in Portugal — but also include ratings by continent. In North America, the top-rated hostels are: the ACBB Hostel Niagara in Niagara Falls, Canada; USA Hostels in San Diego; and Clarence Castle in Toronto.

Hostels aren’t for everyone, but they’re no longer just for young backpackers, either. These days many hostels offer a wide range of accommodations, including private rooms with private bathrooms. It’s not all bunkrooms and shared showers any more.

My last hostel experience was a few years ago in Helsinki, where the price of hotel rooms was astronomical. (This is a city where it cost 1 euro — at that time about $1.30 — to use the restroom in the train station.) My husband and I got a decent private room and a mostly acceptable shared bathroom and shower for about $80. It worked.

If you’re up for the hostel experience, the Hoscar ratings could come in handy. But keep in mind that opinions may vary. For example, on TripAdvisor, several hostels in San Diego rate higher than the Hoscar choice, USA Hostels.


2 thoughts on “Worldwide Hostel Ratings Released

  1. Someone's evil twin

    There’s a nice hostel outside of Harper’s Ferry, WV, (a lovely place) that’s really nice – shared rooms/baths for $20 or so.

  2. Ria

    I agree that opinions do vary, but may i also point out that Trip Advisor is not specifically a hostel-related site, and therefore most of the people commenting on this site a not likely those used to hostelling.

    Sites like Hostelworld (the hoscar sponsors) are primarily for hostel users. The ratings are done by customers themselves and these are the primary audience of hostel companies. I’ve stayed in hostels in more than 40 countries and i find that for the most part, you are better off looking at ratings on sites geared for hostels. You are guaranteed to only have comments from people who actually stayed there. This is not the case with trip advisor or yelp or any site that anyone, even a competitor hostel, can post on.


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