Bad Tourist, Hawaii Edition

Here’s another installment in my study of how thoughtless people can be when they travel, this one collected on a long trip to and from Hawaii:

5. A young man at the gate in O’Hare carried on a long, mushy cell phone conversation while simultaneously┬álistening to a music video on his laptop — without headphones.

4. Ever wonder how tray tables get broken on planes? A woman on our flight from O’Hare to Honolulu put her tray table down, folded her arms on top of it and reclined her head and the full weight of her upper body onto it for hours.

3. At the lovely resort we were staying at on the big island of Hawaii, a young woman screamed into her cell phone for several minutes from the lanai so that everyone within half a mile knew that her mother was RUINING HER LIFE!

2. The young woman sitting in front of me on our return flight reclined her seat suddenly and with great force while we were still climbing after takeoff. I was bending forward to secure a hat under the seat and the tray table slammed into my head so hard that it raised a painful bump.

1. A woman carried on a long, loud cell phone conversation in an otherwise silent Amtrak car — with the phone’s speaker on!


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