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An Illustration: Priceline vs. Travelzoo

Aqua Palms & Spa pool, Waikiki.

I was fascinated to see that Travelzoo’s top three hotel deals in Hawaii feature two hotels that my husband and I stayed in on our recent trip. The third is a direct competitor, very close to another hotel we stayed in.

This is not so surprising as it might seem. We reserved all three hotels through Priceline’s blind bidding, and the hotels offering the best deals through Priceline are likely to be offering discounts elsewhere.

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Wise Words On Travel, Security And Terrorism

My renewed focus on this blog is on bargains for leisure travelers, but I’m going to reach out of that territory a little and recommend two recent columns by business travel writer Joe Brancatelli. His refreshing common-sense conclusion is that we can’t achieve total safety in the air or in hotels. The world can be dangerous, and we need to deal with that.

Repositioning Cruises From Less Than $50 Per Day

Twice a year I indulge a fantasy: that I will take a transatlantic repositioning cruise. This happens in the spring, when the cruise lines move their ships from the Caribbean to Europe, and in the fall, when they bring them back.

It doesn’t hurt that these one-way cruises can be tremendous bargains, sometimes available for less than $50 a day per person, half of my $100 threshold for what constitutes a reasonable bargain in cruises. That’s  inclusive of food and much of the entertainment, pretty much everything you truly have to pay except tips and airfare.

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