Daily Archives: December 14, 2009

Recovery For Airlines In 2010?

Gary Kelly, the CEO of Southwest Airlines, does not much remind me of the Queen of England (maybe a little bit of Dorothy in the “Wizard of Oz”). But he sounded a bit like Her Majesty recently.

Kelly referred to 2009 as an “annus horribilis,” as the New York Times reports. That bit of Latin was famously used by the queen to describe 1992, when her kids were getting divorced and her castle was burning down. It fits theĀ airline industry’s experience in 2009 pretty well, too.

Will 2010 be better for airlines? The experts cited in the Times story think it might be. A little. Possibly.

Kelly himself was notably less optimistic than many of his competitors at a recent airline conference, as Eric Torbensen reported on the Dallas Morning News’ Aviation Biz blog.