News Report Describes Strange Jet Behavior

Despite the adage about glass houses and stones, I can’t help pointing out this hilarious story I just ran across about the emergency landing of a private jet at Bradley International Airport recently.

I’ve had a typo or three in my blog entries, and plenty of the kind of mental errors that a friend calls “mindos,” so I sympathize with the writer of this story for WGGB-TV in Springfield, Mass., who clearly had other things on his or her mind.

The story (and headline) imply that the jet had an emotional consciousness and the story goes on to suggest that it reported this itself:

A distressed plane landed at Bradley International Airport shortly before 8 a.m. Monday after reporting the smell of smoke in its cockpit.

The story subsequently clarifies that the pilot reported the smell of smoke but describes the Learjet as a “Leer jet.”

Ah, those smoldering, leering jets. Quite the danger to civil aviation.


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