Another Air Traffic System Meltdown

It is so totally not acceptable for a “computer glitch” to seriously screw up air traffic around the country. Yet it has happened again, a week before the heaviest travel period of the year.

The cost of fixing this with more programmers, technical support, hardware, whatever it takes, can’t be greater than the economic toll of these meltdowns. Yet they continue.

This is disturbing. This country seems to have lost the will to improve, to pay for progress. Whether the cost of keeping planes in the air is borne by everyone, through taxes, or by air passengers, through higher fares, it has to be paid.

But we don’t want to pay. We seem to be abandoning the idea of maintaining a functioning society, of at least keeping the crumbling empire upright.

It put me in mind of a recent episode of “The Simpsons,” which always gets it right. This episode ties the decay of American┬ásociety to mindless entertainment like ultimate fighting:

Lenny: “Three hours of half-naked guys fighting like animals.”

Carl: “Just like the ancient Romans.”

Lenny: “Yeah, except their empire was falling apart.”

Carl: “Stupid Romans.”


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