Bradley Doesn’t Cave To Bomb Threat

Better safe than sorry is an axiom that, like all others, can be carried to illogical extremes. There has to be some risk of sorry if one is ever to leave the safety of the house.

This is why I applaud the authorities for keeping Bradley International Airport open when somebody called in a bogus bomb threat on Friday, as The Hartford Courant reports.

There was a long time after the traumas of 9/11 and the anthrax attacks that all it took to shut down a public facility and inconvenience thousands of people was a phone call or a dash of talcum powder.

Never mind that terrorists don’t advertise their attacks because that would be inconsistent with the goal of frightening and killing people. Better safe than sorry. Never mind that the authorities often recognized right away that a threat was bogus. Better safe than sorry. Never mind that giving in to the scare tactic only encouraged more wing nuts to get a thrill out of all that disruption and attention. Better safe than sorry.

At Bradley on Friday, the authorities searched the place with bomb-sniffing dogs which found nothing. The Courant reported that “[t]wo parking garages were closed to incoming traffic during the search, but airport operations were not disrupted.”

Police  traced the call. On Saturday they arrested a guy from Springfield and charged him with a lot. That ought to take care of that.


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