Huge Cruise Ship Fails To Impress Arthur Frommer

oasis-800Arthur Frommer writes that the sight of the mammoth new Oasis of the Seas cruise ship makes him gag. He ties it to an entertainment-driven consumer culture that doesn’t really embrace real travel. It’s a refreshing point of view, and one that reminds us that Arthur treats the travel industry without fear or favor.


5 thoughts on “Huge Cruise Ship Fails To Impress Arthur Frommer

  1. Don

    ” …. people who are unable to entertain themselves, those arrested personalities who rely on constant, massive, outside distractions to ward off depression. People who get fidgety if they have no near television set, who never read a magazine let alone a book, who have never enjoyed simple conversation or encountering viewpoints or beliefs foreign to theirs.”

    Brutal, but thoroughly true.
    It’s still remarkable to me how many people on cruises never look at the water – casinos, bars, movies, dance shows, but no time to take in the ocean waves or the sky that seems so very vast when you’re at sea.

    TV is not our friend.

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  3. Kate

    This is all very true. Most of the people on cruise ships are not there to explore and meet new people. But I have to say that it IS possible. I’ve meet LOTS of new and interesting people on cruise ships, particularly the largely international staff. Also, cruise ships have taken me places that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford to travel to. Case in point: Playa del Carmen and the pyramids at Tulum.

    My point is, if you’re a smart and adventurous traveler, you can meet lots of new and interesting people AND explore beautiful places. Just stay away from the cruise-sponsored tour groups and do your own planning!!!

  4. Russ

    I’ve never taken a cruise and I like to be on my own or with the other half when I travel. I think I could accept a small ship in order to see stuff at sea, but I have no desire being on a boat with 600 people, never mind 6000.

  5. kate

    Russ, cruising might not be for you. But I’d at least give it an honest try. I’ve found that even on the huge carnival or royal caribbean ships that I’ve been on, there’s always somewhere on the ship that is almost always completely abandoned.

    The hot tubs may almost always be packed, but on a large ship there are TONS of lounges and auditoriums that are mainly used for shows and special events and empty the rest of the time. I love going into one of those huge, empty rooms, sitting on one of the couches or comfy chairs near one of the windows and reading a book in complete silence.

    I maintain that if you know how to avoid (and sometimes enjoy) the crowds on cruise ships, you can utilize the resources on the ship to have a great time.


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