Some Democrats Move To Block Cuba Travel

Some U.S. politicians think they can bring freedom to Cuba by denying freedom to Americans. There’s some irony there.

A group of 53 Democrats in the House of Representatives has signed a letter declaring opposition to lifting travel restrictions that prevent most Americans from visiting Cuba, McClatchy Newspapers reports. Their argument, that allowing tourism to Cuba would support the dictatorship of the Castro brothers, is as irrelevant now as it has always been.

As  Rep. Bill Delahunt, D-Mass., told McClatchy: “People are realizing it’s simply anathema to common sense to deny the American people the right to travel to Cuba when they have the right to travel to North Korea, to Iran.”

Exactly. There are dictatorships all over the world, and Cuba is the only one we are forbidden to visit. Our rigid, ideological stance has not weakened the dictatorship but strengthened it. The United States has appeared inconsistent, petty and afraid.

I’ve written about this before only to be attacked by Fidel Castro’s supporters for calling him a dictator and by his opponents for calling for unrestricted travel to Cuba. But it’s not about him or his brother Raul. It’s about us, and the freedoms that U.S. citizens deserve.


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