The Week In Unruly Passengers

Sunday: A passenger who looked sick on an Air India flight from Dubai to Mangalore became violent when the crew approached him, The Times of India reported. He apologized for his behavior but within half an hour was running amok and was restrained by other passengers. As the plane was landing, he broke free and was restrained again. Re-restrained, I guess.

Tuesday: A Delta flight from Seattle to Atlanta made an unscheduled stop in Nashville to remove a passenger who “became disruptive by reciting Bible verses, kicking and flailing and refusing to let another passenger use the bathroom,” the Associated Press reports. He reportedly told the woman next to him that his “blood would be on her” if she used the bathroom.

Tuesday: An Air Canada Jazz flight from Vancouver to Fort McMurray diverted to Kelowna after a passenger “apparently took beer off a beverage cart and tried to flush the empty cans down the onboard toilet,” reported. “We have a zero tolerance policy as it concerns unruly passsengers,” an airline spokeswoman said.

Thursday: A man was taken into custody but not immediately charged at the airport in Columbus, Ohio, after an AirTran flight from Florida, WBNS-10TV reported. He was accused of  damaging the jet’s bathroom after putting his hand “on a flight attendants’ upper leg.” (I think we used to call that the thigh.)

Yes, the world is full of people who are some combination of rude, drunk, crazy or stupid. It’s only on planes that we can’t get away from them.


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