Carrot Portends Trip To Southwest

saguaro-carrotOne of the underrated benefits of travel is that you become familiar enough with distant landmarks and landscapes to recognize them when they are reproduced in oddly shaped vegetables.

Behold: my saguaro carrot!

Had I not visited the Saguaro National Park in Tucson to see the vast forests of branching cacti, I might not have recognized the shape of this carrot.

Full disclosure: I did not grow this carrot in my pathetic vegetable patch, but purchased it from the Hard Rain Farm in my hometown of Burlington, Connecticut. I had not previously run across any oddly shaped vegetables from the Hard Rain Farm, although I once got an egg so huge that I was convinced it had been laid by an ostrich.

In any event, just as a huge egg portends a big omelette, I see an omen in the carrot. I must go to Tucson this winter.


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