States Can Crack Down On Airlines Over Booze

A federal judge has upheld the state of New Mexico’s right to ban US Airways from serving alcohol on its planes on the ground in New Mexico — or in the air above it, the Associated Press reports.

New Mexico has twice cited US Airways for serving alcohol to intoxicated passengers, including one who killed himself and five other people in a car crash three hours after he got off a US Airways flight in Albuquerque.

This case opens up a load of issues about state and federal regulation of alcohol and airlines, as well as the role of flight attendants as bartenders and the revenue that airlines get from selling liquor. Add this to a number of cases involving drunk and unruly passengers, and I’m starting to wonder when alcohol will be banned on all flights in this country.

I’m not saying I favor it, but I really do wonder whether it’s going to happen at some point.


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