Some Puzzling Hotel Billing Errors

I caved to my Internet addiction and ordered 24 hours of access from a hotel in Washington over the weekend, but when the bill was slipped under the door I found that I’d been charged for two days.

Never mind that the $12.95 daily charge  is ridiculous, the equivalent of $388 a month. I wasn’t going to pay it twice.

I called the front desk to complain and the clerk promised to remove the charge. No questions, no argument. When I checked out, an amended bill was waiting for  me.

It brought to mind my husband’s experience in Indianapolis. When he checked out there was a charge for parking. Except he didn’t have a car. Oops, sorry sir. We’ll just take that off the bill.

Here’s what I’m wondering. Are hotels making more “mistakes” on room charges lately? And if they really are mistakes, are the hotels undercharging as often as they are overcharging? Or is something else going on?


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