The Travel Industry Gets A Little Personal

The travel industry seems to be getting mighty interested in our personal lives lately. And by personal I mean sex.

There’s Carnival’s “cougar cruise” for older women seeking relations with younger men.

There’s Air New Zealand’s “matchmaking flight” for singles seeking, well, other singles.

There was the odd promotional video from Denmark’s tourism agency that appeared to suggest it’s the capital of one-night stands.

And a hotel in the Caribbean had an offer, now apparently expired, for future discounts for couples who could provide a doctor’s note confirming that their baby was conceived at the resort.

Sure, the hotel industry has always had romance packages and getaway deals with bottles of champagne, nudge, nudge, wink, wink. But a doctor’s certificate? That’s getting a little clinical.

Anyway, I must not be in the demographic group these marketers have in mind. I don’t want a date, a pool boy, a one-night stand or a baby. All I want is a low fare, a good room rate and maybe a nice glass of warm milk before bedtime.

OK, maybe with some Kahlua in the  milk.


One thought on “The Travel Industry Gets A Little Personal

  1. Someone's evil twin

    Singapore Airlines has a “Cabin” class which actually has a private room with a bed. Apparently they ask passengers in Cabin class not to have sex, as the cabins are not very soundproof.


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