The End Of First Class As We Know It?

There’s an interesting piece in The New York Times this morning about the future of first class. 

It suggests, among other things, that more airlines may consider an intermediate class between economy and first class, along the lines of United’s economy plus. Which I hate because I blame it for squishing the leg room in the back of the plane beyond the limits of human endurance.

It’s always worth pointing out that Southwest Airlines has not suffered tremendous losses in revenue from travel in premium classes because it never had premium classes to start with. Just sayin’.


One thought on “The End Of First Class As We Know It?

  1. Russ

    I flew on Air New Zealand’s Premium Economy between SFO and Auckland and it was a nice experience. The seat was wider than a coach seat, reclined twice as much, and they served the same food as they did in Business Class, which was pretty tasty. I got to sit in the upper deck of a 747 sine Premium Economy is a completely separate cabin from coach.

    United’s Economy Plus is a bastard step child of a real Premium Economy. You get the same seat width, recline, and food (or no food) as coach and you get the same surly flight attendants. I’ll never fly United.


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