U.S. Airlines: ‘Incredibly Bad’

The Sydney Morning Herald’s travel blog recently proclaimed U.S. airlines to be “incredibly bad.”

At last count, there were 195 comments on the entry, expressing an overwhelming degree of agreement. Some people suggested that a few airlines are better than the rest, namely JetBlue, Virgin America and Southwest.

Most just agreed and added their own stories of woe: dirty planes, bad food, no food, poor service, no service, dirty airports, no entertainment system, endless fees …

Yup. I think they got it.


2 thoughts on “U.S. Airlines: ‘Incredibly Bad’

  1. EdFromDC

    Yep, I think they did. I used to live in Sydney, and I flew Qantas regularly between the capital cities (Melbourne, Perth, etc.). I always got a chuckle when Australians would complain about Qantas. “You’ve obviously never flown in the United States,” I’d say. And, invariably, they’d say they hadn’t.

  2. Don

    Great comments on the column, but as usual a lot of people are too easy on Southwest. It’s an airline long on hype and short on value.
    No widebodies, no food (or even food for sale), and these days the prices are no bargain, either. Maybe it had the ‘rebel’ appeal a decade ago, but that’s long gone, too. Give me United, Delta or Continental over Southwest.


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