Hyatt Hotels Fire Housekeepers, Outsource Jobs

Three Hyatt hotels in Boston have fired 100 housekeepers and have outsourced cleaning to a contractor, the Boston Globe reports.

Two of the housekeepers the Globe interviewed had worked at the hotels for more than 20 years each and were earning about $15 an hour, hardly an extravagant wage in Boston, but at least they got health benefits. Other Hyatt employees said the new workers, supplied by a Georgia company, are being paid $8 an hour with no benefits.

Sounds to me like those Hyatt hotels (the Hyatt Regency Boston, Hyatt Regency Cambridge and Hyatt Harborside at Logan International Airport ) don’t care much about their employees. Wonder how they feel about their customers.


One thought on “Hyatt Hotels Fire Housekeepers, Outsource Jobs

  1. Don

    There’s a fine Hilton just a few blocks away from the Hyatt at Logan, and Marriotts and Sheratons are available downtown and in Cambridge.
    So we’ve got plenty of alternatives to doing business with Hyatt in Boston.


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