Frommers Remind Us To Beware Of Airport Theft

Arthur Frommer relates on his blog today the theft of a laptop from his daughter, Pauline, in an airport security line. The laptop was eventually recovered, with the help of security video, but Arthur reminds us to watch over our valuables when passing through security.

Laptops are a problem, of course, because the TSA requires us to take them out of their cases and leave them exposed. I do my best to keep an eye on my netbook, but I get mighty nervous when it’s on the belt and getting passed through to the other side while I’m stuck behind someone who can’t seem to get through the metal detector.

Arthur points out another hazard — when you get through the metal detector and are asked to step aside for a pat-down. He suggests asking firmly but politely that you be allowed to gather your valuables first, and keep them with you. Excellent idea.


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