Megabus Pulls Out Of Hartford

Woeful news: Megabus has stopped selling fares to and from Hartford after Sept. 14 and is refunding fares already sold for travel after that date.

I heard about it from a reader who got an email from Megabus canceling her trip and promising the refund. There’s no notice of the change on the Megabus site, but the reservation system won’t allow bookings for Hartford after Sept. 14.

The low-cost bus company added Hartford to its Boston-New York route just last December.  A few weeks ago it added a slew of new $1 fares along that route.

I’ve ridden Megabus between New York and Hartford, and it was a good, economical ride. I’m sorry to see it go, and I do wish it had stayed around long enough to honor the tickets it had already sold.

I’m waiting to hear from the company’s public relations firm to find out why this happened, though it must certainly have to do with disappointing sales. [Update: Amanda Mullin of Hanser & Associates, which handles public relations for Megabus, kindly conveyed a statement from Megabus President Dale Moser confirming that Hartford service is being discontinued. “Due to the lack of patronage at this time, could no longer sustain the additional operating cost to service Hartford.”]

It looks to me as if the only remaining low-cost bus service on that route is Boston Deluxe, which stops in Hartford only on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. It’s a more traditional Chinatown-style bus services, and some of its smaller buses don’t have bathrooms. Nor do they have wi-fi, as the Megabus fleet does.

Of course Peter Pan and Greyhound still serve Hartford out of Union Station. Greyhound’s new BoltBus service, a low-cost carrier with wi-fi along the lines of Megabus, has a route from Boston to New York but it does not stop in Hartford.


10 thoughts on “Megabus Pulls Out Of Hartford

  1. Tom

    Yes they did stop it, how disappointing. The bus has to go from Boston to New York anyway, what is so bad about stopping in the middle for a break? I spend nearly $100 a month with Megabus, now they won’t get any of my money. So stupid

  2. John

    I agree with Tom. I was regularly taking the bus between Hartford and Boston. Extremely convenient. I also had a friend who was doing the same. They could have atleast kept a couple of buses that still stopped at Hartford. They won’t get any of my money either.

  3. jeff

    every time i rode it between hartford and NYC there were few people on the bus. however, a lot of those people are continuing on to other places. they picked me up in hartford, but i travelled all the way to d.c.

    i wonder if they even realize how much this is happening. it’s like airlines having small planes that bring people to big hubs. they may not make a lot on the small flight, but if you can get someone from omaha to LA, they might continue on to Tokyo. Unfortunately, with their system of buying trips in portions, they have no way of knowing that the guy who bought a ticket from hartford to nyc also continued on to toronto.

  4. Brett

    My experience was that Megabus could not guarantee, with any degree of certainty, outbound travelers from Hartford. During weekend travel, I concluded that one must get on at the POINT OF ORIGIN for the enticing fare to be worth your while. I watched as 20 someodd people got stranded in the pouring rain at the Hartford stop last June, telling those riders WITH RESERVATIONS that there simply weren’t enough openings for the leg to NYC. Megabus’ tracking was not sophisticated enough to weigh how many Hartford to New York reservations existed vs. how many Boston to Hartford only passengers would create vacant seats. Sure, it costs less than $10, but don’t you want you RESERVATION to mean something??! It’s like the Seinfeld rental car episode…

  5. Russell

    As a Bostonian who sometimes has reason to travel to Hartford and a loyal Megabus customer for several years, I’m ticked. This is a real shame, and is just going to make planning my trips harder.

  6. Dan

    The Megabus service from Hartford to NYC was great when it was working properly. Like Brett mentioned, I’ve seen travelers with reservations get stranded in Hartford simply because there wasnt enough seats on the bus. ANother time, I had reservations for the 6:15 bus. I wondered why so many people were waiting for it. Apparently the 5:15 bus never even showed up! A few of them were able to squeeze onto the 6:15 but many were stranded.

  7. Vivo

    I was so excited when a friend told me about Megabus. happy to hear it was going to Hartford. To our dismay when we checked online the service had discontinued.

    Wake up MEGABUS bring back the Hartford crew.


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