Arthur Frommer Stirs Things Up

I just looked at Arthur Frommer’s blog entry from last week about the possibility of a boycott against tourism to Arizona because protesters carried guns to an appearance by President Obama in Phoenix. The entry had 1,123 comments at last count.

After two and a half years, my blog has 1,169 comments. Total.


5 thoughts on “Arthur Frommer Stirs Things Up

  1. John

    Okay, I’ll be the 1173rd post.

    I really enjoyed some of the responses to Frommer’s blog post. I find it interesting that they had no problem with “Free Speech Zones” and arrests for wearing the “wrong” tee shirts when Bush made his appearances; after all, those scary tee shirts only emboldened the terrorists under our beds.

    There was some handwringing:

    But take a look at the end of the article to see what their real concern was: OMG how far will Hillary take this?

    I guess we can see how far it got taken.

    And, in conclusion, give me my Freedom Haggis!! Now at your Congressional cafeteria!


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