Nicknames Causing Trouble For Travelers

I must thank the TSA for finally making me feel grateful for my name. I never liked it as a child, though I suppose children rarely like their names. But I now find that it’s very convenient for travel purposes.

There really is no nickname for Jeanne, so when I buy an airline ticket it’s always for Jeanne.  It matches my credit card, my passport and my driver’s license. No confusion there. But my daughter, who is called Kate but is officially named Katherine, has to be sure now that her ticket matches her ID because the TSA wants to keep names straight and avoid false matches with government watch lists.

So, all you Bills or Williams, Chrises or Christinas, Joes or Josephs — be careful. As Chris[topher] Elliott reported in a recent column, airlines may not be all that helpful about changing your ticket, which means that your nickname can cost you.


One thought on “Nicknames Causing Trouble For Travelers

  1. CruiseMates

    My wife’s first name is Lou Ann

    She often sees her middle name listed as “NMN” for “no middle name” but the other half of the time she is called “Lou”

    Also, because she didn’t take my last name I cannot tell you how often my last name gets lost and they give me hers. Why? I don’t know.

    You have just made me grateful for “Paul” though. Like you I rarely have a problem with document matching.


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